Karen de Luna Fors (México)

























Artist interested in movement-space-body-time-state of presence and listening. Founder of the company Proyecto al Margen (2010) and the training program TALLERES al MARGEN (2013).

Graduated from the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlán (EPDM). She has presented her work in the US, Hong Kong, Spain and important festivals in Mexico. In 2014 she was invited to make a residency with Laura Aris at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 2017 to assisted to the TANZ + MUSIK laboratory organized by the Goethe Institut Mexiko as part of the Mexico-Germany dual year activities. From 2004 to 2010 he was part of Delfos contemporary dance company performing all over the world.

Since 2016, she has been creating and teaching the workshop-laboratory Present Body together with the musician Diego Martínez Lanz in various institutions, festivals and independent venues in Mexico and different countries (EU, Hong Kong, Spain). The laboratory seeks to encourage an active corporal-stage practice, where the student is responsible for its process and not only imitates forms.

In 2014, she  designed and taught the 2nd audition class of the Contemporary Dance Production Center (CEPRODAC). In recent years she has participated teaching in various collective training laboratories such as ILEGAL, La Palabra Acción (Mexico) and Encuentro de Cuerpos held in Barcelona, Spain (2017)

She had received support from PECDA Jalisco in the Individual Development Program (2005-2006) and Young Creators (2008-2009), Scenic Creators from FONCA 2013 and 2016, as well as the support of Cultura Jalisco through the Proyecta program (2015 and 2017)

She is currently in Guadalajara where she has been training Aikido (Japanese martial art) for five years, studying the Master in Environmental Education at the University of Guadalajara, working in the Center for Environmental Culture and Educational Research (CCAIE) and  Teaching Performing Arts in the Communication and Audiovisual Arts program of ITESO university.