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Shantí is director of the company Cuatro X Cuatro and of the International Festival Cuatro X Cuatro, both spaces intended to experimentation, research, promotion and exhibition of contemporary performing arts. Since 2009, he develops Cuerpo Vacío (empty body) a laboratory of thought into action, experiencing and playing from multiple areas of knowledge for the scene, focusing on the body, the thought, the space and the scene from maps on the visible and the speakable; maps of the invisible and the unspeakable; thresholds of perception and sensibility; physicality, body playwriting, improvisation, rhizomatic thinking; aesthetics policies, the speech, the philosophy, the photography and the Mexican-Latin American context.


During his career he developed as a performer, director, choreographer and teacher participating in national and international meetings, presentations, residencies, tours and festivals in Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belarus, Lithuania and Spain. The Mexican press named Shantí Vera as “one of the youngest emerging creators, choreographers and dancers most representative of Mexico” in 2012 (Reforma newspaper) and in 2014 as “one of the future creators of memorable works for the Mexican scene" (El Universal newspaper). He has collaborated with Mexican theatre magazine PASO DE GATO and the Mexican dance magazine FLUIR.


Shanti Vera graduated in Contemporary Dance with Special mention by the Facultad de Danza Contemporánea de la Universidad Veracruzana (2008). By his works: HAIKU 8 descomposición en rojo (2010); INACABADO V4 (2011); IMPOSSIBLE (2012); HABITANTE (2014); EL REPARTO DE LO SENSIBLE (2015) and país GRAVEDAD (2016) he has received several mentions, awards and incentives from institutions and festivals as FONCA, IVEC, IEJ-Chiapas, Universidad Veracruzana, Festival Yucatán Escénica, Red Ciudades que Danzan-UE, CEPRODAC, INBA, CENART and IBERESCENA.


In July 2016 he successfully premiered the work “país GRAVEDAD” at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, the National Coordination of Dance of National Institute of Fine Arts produced the piece.


  • Recently he showed his piece “HABITANTE” in the festival Kontext Mexiko in Kampnagel Arts Center in Hamburg, Germany. The German press said, “Cuatro X Cuatro was an absolute highlight on the festival”.

  • Recently he premiered in collaboration with Sendic Vazquez the piece “EMPTY BODY” (El CUERPO VACÍO),piece that celebrates the 10 years of the choreographic investigation of the project Cuatro X Cuatro; a philosophical work that drives and thinks from multiple bodies; multiple presences and multiple absences.


Shantí Vera

Empty Body /

Laboratory of thought into Action

Empty Body / Laboratory of thought into action

From the question “How to live, act and think with global capitalism integrated to settle another world of possible?” (F.Guatarri). Different starting points are discussed  that allow to find, discover and detonate lines of escape from the body and its natural and cultural content. These lines of escape pretend the inclusion of seemingly fragile concepts such as emptiness, vulnerability, uselessness, the unskilled, the fragility and infralight, wide concepts that influence to articulate and live all the time through critical thinking, reflective and intuitive allowing lost and fall within the not traditionally established in order torelease and re-discover the individual and collective body in a conscious relationship with gravity, space, time, and especially: the context.

Playing concepts

The body geographic. The body context. The decentralized body. The body and its own content. The gravity body. The rhizome body. The internal body. Multi body. The collective equipment from a particular context. The body Natural entity / Body cultural entity. The subject body / The body object. The architecture of the body / The architecture of gaze. The hypersensitive body / The event body / The amisso body. The enunciation from the individual and from the collective. The map